Established in 2009, Floare de Colt (Edelweiss) is now the largest health & wellness retail chain in Romania, employing over 120 people and counting more than 42 stores, located in shopping galleries and malls in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Constanta, Brasov, Targu Mures, Sibiu, Bacau and other cities all over the country. Part of FDC Natura Group since 2016, Floare de Colt is under continuous expansion and modernization looking to get closer to all those customers willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


With over 8 year expertise in natural remedies and continuously studying the customer need to adopting a healthy lifestyle we have built over the years a great team, enthusiastic, positive people that are now still dedicated to our company. 


Having a large variety of products and highly qualified personnel to assist and advice our customers, Floare de Colt aims to be the first choice in natural remedies, healthy nutrition, special diets, weight management, natural beauty, sports nutrition, through high quality products, unique assortment, all presented in an original and unique shopping environment.


Our store concept covers a variety of product categories:

-       Natural remedies & food supplements

-       Healthy nutrition

-       Special diets (free from)

-       Sports nutrition

-       Weight management

-       Natural beauty

-       Accessories


Our mission that guides our expansion and dynamic in the market:


-       Help educate and inform consumers through various campaigns, leaflets, in a joint effort together with our main partners


-       Set a higher standard in this industry, recommending quality products, advising and providing our customers with the best solutions according to heir needs, by training qualified advisers


-       Having a complete assortment of products adapted to their needs


-       introduce the new trends and bring new products into the market



Address: 75-77 Buzesti Street, 7th floor, room 40, Sector 1, Bucharest